Episode 11

Assessing Students Online


Main Topic

Assessing Students Online


Try This in Class Tip: Create a routine and use comprehension checks when teaching online

Recent News:

IELTS Indicator

ProctorU video for TOEFL testing at home

Articles about assessing students online:

Teaching Elements: Assessing Online Students

Designing a 21st Century Assessment in EFL Learning Context


YouTube Video About Parents Communicating with Teenagers

National Geographic Reading- Flamingos Make Friends For Life

Google Forms

Using Google Forms, student recordings, and e-portfolios in online classes

100-word summaries

Examples of learning logs for young students

Student progress reflection

Example of students creating survey questions for each other

Teaching Demerit: José Luis not checking the settings before recording some materials

Teaching Gold Star: The dedicated teachers that attended an online sharing session on a Friday night

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