Episode 26

The new teaching landscape in Chile


Main Topic

The new teaching landscape in Chile



When your professor is dead, but teaches anyway

Using Memory Tests as a Learning Tool in Online Classes

Teaching students to play Spot It in online classes

An ELT Lesson Jam and Creating Classes Using Among Us


Key questions to consider before going back to in-person classes

  • What do we do if a student refuses to wear a mask?

  • If a teacher is exposed to covid and needs to quarantine for 14 days, will those 14 days be paid? Will that teacher need to then teach remotely while possibly dealing with covid symptoms?

  • If a teacher catches covid and can’t work, will they be paid for the days of work they miss?

  • Are teachers expected to enforce social distancing among students?

  • What do we do if a student decides to give another student a hug or a handshake?

  • Are teachers required to teach in person if they are in a high-risk group or live with a family member in a high-risk group? If so, will the school take responsibility for the medical care of a high-risk individual getting sick from covid due to a teacher simply doing their job?

  • What if a teacher doesn’t feel the conditions at the school or university or workplace aren’t safe enough to work in person? Will the issues be fixed or the option to teach remotely be available?

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